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30th birthday Murder Mystery Theme

murder mystery partyThree decades of life is definitely a big milestone and should be celebrated with a party that will be remembered by everyone.

Why not celebrate your 30th birthday with an evening of deceit, treachery and murder that will keep everyone guessing till the very end.

These parties are fantastic as it gets everyone involved in the game. Even if some of your guest don’t know each other, it will give them a chance to mingle, unlike traditional parties where people hang about in groups.

There are plenty of “off the shelf” murder mystery kits that can be purchased or custom scripts can be tailored for your party.

Each guest is assigned a character, unaware of if they are the killer or a victim. They receive a card on their character prior to the night and organise a costume themselves based on the description/background of their character. The more extravagant the costume, the more fun the night will be.

The beauty of a themed Murder Mystery party, is that it can be held anywhere, whether you decide to host it at home or hire a function room for the evening.

The evening is played out in scenes running around 15 – 20 minutes each with vital clues cleverly placed in the scenes.

If you want to host a murder mystery party here is what you will need to look into:
30th party

  • How many guest will be at the party
  • Getting a murder mystery kit for the amount of guests
  • Choose a night and venue for the party
  • Send out invitations/profile cards to guests
  • Pick a great costume
  • Have a great night!