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30th birthday ideas on a budget

30th birthdaySo, its your 30th birthday but you are a bit short on cash. Don’t let that stop you having an awesome thirtieth birthday party!

You could all meet up at a restaurant and have a meal. There are plenty of great venues out there that are happy to split bills. This can be quite a cost effective way of celebrating your 30th without huge costs.

You could have the party at your house, such as a BBQ with BYO drinks. A couple of kilos worth of sausages will fill up your guests without breaking the bank. Plus by making the invites “bring your own” drinks you will save a fortune on alcohol.

Another fun 30th birthday party idea is a “scavenger hunt”. You could have a pub crawl in your area and all of your guests have a list of items that have to be collected through the night. The list could include whatever you choose, such as business cards, beer coasters or takeaway menus from venues on the walk. Each item could be worth a certain amount of points that can be added up towards the end of the night.

cocktail 30th birthday partyCocktails at home can be fun, but also quite expensive. But if you make a list between your guests and everyone brings a bottle of liquor, you can host your very own cocktail party on the cheap.

Other things you could do to cut down on cost are make your own invites. You could create your invite on the computer and save it as a photo, then print them all off at in instant photo lab.

There are plenty of great party ideas that could really cut costs.

Do you have a fantastic cost-cutting birthday idea? Leave a comment below.