Alphabet letter themed 30th birthday party

Want something a bit different to celebrate your 30th birthday? Why not try picking a letter of the alphabet and your guests have to come up with a costume for that letter!

These parties can be a lot of fun as some guest will try very hard to out-do everyone else with a totally original costume.

Alphabet themed 30th birthday partyYou could send out your invitations with a “Sesame Street” type theme with the wording. “This birthday party was brought to you by the letter S”.

There are thousands of great costume ideas you could come up with for almost all of the letters of the alphabet. Some guests will come as a job title for that letter such as a school teacher. Others may choose to come as a celebrity such as Sylvester Stallone. Google can be quite helpful for guests that are struggling to come up with a costume!

Some guest may also choose to dress as objects starting with the chosen letter such as a Sausage or a Sign post. They are only limited by their own imaginations.

This style of party can be perfect for the dreaded 30th birthday as everyone comes dressed up, which can take the focus off your birthday and allow you to enjoy the party!

If you choose to have your 30th birthday party at a venue, we can help you! Just leave your details on our party details form and we can source a great venue in your area. We can also recommend costume hire shops that can help your guests find the perfect costume. Some of the costume shops on our lists also provide a generous discount when mentioning our name!

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